Summer Institute in American Philosophy: Accommodation

Housing is available from the well-equipped UCD on campus Glenomena residences. A standard single room en suite is priced 53.00 per night. Please book directly your accommodation here:

A list of Dublin hotels and B&Bs close enough to campus is available below. Dublin is a popular tourist destination in June and early booking is recommended.

Near Campus:

Radisson SAS, St. Helen's Hotel 5 *****

Stillorgan Road, Tel +353 1 2186000

This hotel is approximately half mile from the University - about a 10 minute walk

Stillorgan Park Hotel **** 

Stillorgan Road, Tel +353 1 2881621

This hotel is approximately one mile from the University - about 20 minute walk


Mespil Hotel

Mespil Road, Tel +353 1 4884600

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This hotel is very close to good bus route to the campus and is also close to the city centre


Double Tree Hilton****

Upper Leeson Street, Tel +353 1 6185600

This hotel is approximately one and half miles from the University, but close to the city centre.



20 minutes walk from the University facing the sea

Merrion Road, Dublin 4

353 1 269 4666



City Center (selection):


Abbeyleigh House

28 Upper Leeson Street

Dublin 2

00 353 1 660 0247


Albany House

84 Harcourt Street

Dublin 2

00 353 1 475 1092


Aona House

48 Merrion Road

Dublin 4

00 353 1 668 4349


Kilronan House

70 Adelaide Road

Dublin 2


Staunton’s on the Green

83 St. Stephen’s Green

Dublin 2

00 353 1 478 2300


Waterloo Lodge

23 Waterloo Road

00 353 1 668 5380


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The American Voice in Philosophy project is supported by:

  • The IRCHSS (“New Ideas” Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • UCD School of Philosophy
  • The International Journal of Philosophical Studies
  • UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies.
  • Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
  • UCD Seed Funding

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