Philosophies of Philosophy

Philosophies of Philosophy June 18 and 19, 2013, Newman House UCD

 This conference marks 20 years of publication of the International Journal of Philosophical Studies (Taylor and Francis).From its very first volume published in 1993,IJPS has taken an inclusive view of philosophy and has aimed to publish articles of high quality from all Western philosophical traditions. Our goal always was to provide a forum for publishing on a broader range of issues and approaches to philosophy than has been the norm in other philosophical journals. It is therefore appropriate to mark 20 years of the publication of the journal, with a glance back to its predecessor Philosophical Studies- Ireland  (1951-1992),  through a conference that attempts to achieve a better understanding of philosophy as a discipline.The keynote speakers of the conference, many of whom are members of the editorial board of theInternational Journal of Philosophical Studies, include:

  • Tim Williamson (Oxford)
  • Paul Horwich (NYU) (Responding to Tim Williamson on Wittgenstein's Metaphilosophy)
  • James Conant (University of Chicago)
  • Philip Pettit (Princeton)
  • Katalin Farkas (University of Budapest)
  • Jonathan Weinberg (University of Arizona)
  • Paul Boghossian (NYU) – to be confirmed


  • Dermot Moran (UCD, Founding Editor of IJPS).


You are invited to submit abstracts of 250-300 words for papers addressing questions about philosophical methodologies and traditions, broadly construed. The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is March 30, 2013. Decisions regarding the acceptance of abstracts will be communicated by 15 April 2013. The conference papers should be no longer than 2000-2500 words – suitable for presentation in 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of question time. The conference will waive the speakers’ registration and subsistence fees.










The American Voice in Philosophy project is supported by:

  • The IRCHSS (“New Ideas” Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • UCD School of Philosophy
  • The International Journal of Philosophical Studies
  • UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies.
  • Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
  • UCD Seed Funding

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